Wednesday, March 9, 2016

WHAT HAPPENED LAST WEEKEND--in Hong Kong particularly

Last weekend was quite a weekend for craft beer in Asia--from Bangkok to Singapore, from Hong Kong to Taiwan--there were events happening....

In BKK--there was a local Thai craft brew & food pairing event. In Singapore--the first ever Craft Singapore--a 100%craft beer only 3 days festival with inaugural Asian Beer Award was held. In Taiwan--there's a gathering dinner for those in the craft beer businesses.
And in Hong Kong--there was a gathering of "strangers" known via HK beer geeks FB public group for a beer dinner--organized by a few key figure of the public group-- a craft community gathering of sorts that's not initiated or organized by a craft beer business entity.
The fact that some guys within the HK beer geeks public group is taking own initiative and time off to organize a gathering of members who are likely to be strangers in each work circle or social life is quite amazing--especially in a city known to value time as money  :)
The fact that i was not there in HK to attend/witness first hand does not matter( though i was invited but could not fly in to HK for the gathering)---the reason for this short article is simple---the gathering--the dinner--the beers shared( of which some beers were individually imported by geek/s--those are beers not available in Hong Kong as the current importers do not bring in those beers( as yet?)--whatever made the event possible is only down to one source--the common love of craft beer--this is basically why craft beer culture is beautiful--that people willingly share, and people willingly invest time and efforts just to make the beer world a better place.....
*all photos courtesy of HK beer geeks public group--special thanks to Kenneth Ho

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