Friday, March 11, 2016

WEEK 71---B for BEER

it's quite interesting that some people don't drink beers due to the belief that beer drinking would caused one's belly to balloon.
Is beer drinking that bad? is drinking beer the main reason or the ONLY reason one's belly would swell?
The fact is--we all know what causes a more than flat belly--it's all about the calories in-take--that if you consume much more calories than your body needs--it would become fat inside you--inevitably that fat would show around the waist...if you don't exercise much.
We all know the shape of body for everyone is different--the metabolism is different--the eating habits and so on is different--and we also know that there's many people who DO NOT DRINK BEER but having big belly( so is that a BEER BELLY? :)
To say beer drinking is the reason one would have a swell Beer Belly---that is just a Mis-judgement. 

The beauty of craft beer is--everyone--including those big name brewers that you drink their beers from--were once like you and me--drinking miserable Macro lagers.
And yes--if you think you could also become like those big name brewers--that you somehow has got the skill or gift to brew very nice beers--you are free to do so--in fact the craft beer world is so open that people share their brew recipe--or if you need some formal guidance?--there's actually courses to study in some Uni out there...
酿酒师是决定我们有什么酒喝的人---不过,在那之前,他们也跟我们一样,只能在市场上找其他酿酒师的作品来喝。Craft beer好玩之处是,你如果哪天觉得可能自己也能酿酒或玩得比别人好,可以试试玩自酿,或逐步迈向成为酿酒师。这是个开放的空间,没人会限制你说只能永远当饮客。你可以无师自通,需要的话,欧美一些大学有课程可以学习如何当酿酒师,反正,路是通的。
General consensus is that--all beers which looks golden in color--drink them fresh as you may--the likes of hops centric IPAS, the pale ale, the lagers--these are not beers you want to keep or cellar before drinking.
Unless--if it's a similar color LAMBIC--those you can keep.
像很多食物饮料那样,啤酒也有賞味期限可以是一年半载或十多二十年,视乎啤酒类型而定。 基本来说,只要是不同程度强调啤酒花新鲜度的类型如IPA, Pale Ale, Plisner ---都是越新鲜喝越好, 这些金黄色啤酒都不是需要收藏陈年熟成的啤酒,所谓尝鲜,就是趁早喝掉意思。
Well--for every word there's always an opposite side--same for some beers--they are best kept or cellar for certain period of time( anything from months to few years generally speaking)--here we are talking about the Darker ones--the stouts, the Belgium strong ale, strong porter and so on---these are beers where the flavours, the body and overall beer taste would improve with proper storage.
Drinking some of these beers too YOUNG is almost a waste..:)
*for certain stout or porter that place importance on certain spices or food flavours--then it's probably best drank in shorter time than cellar for too long for fear of losing the main characteristics.

不过,也不是全部黑色啤酒都适合收藏熟成,一些强调某些食材特色的酿品还是比较适合一年内干掉。 另一个方式是,同一支啤酒,至少买2支,一支趁鲜喝,另一支收起陈年感受风味变化。
This is a question some newbie are a little puzzle with--even geeks too--there's opinion that prefer bottles only--and there's some who lean towards can, saying it's more convenient and protect the beer better....
( if you are interested to find out more about the professional views about the pro/cons of bottles vs can--there's info to be found via google....i shall not pretend to know more than i do here)
Whatever you preference of packaging maybe--ultimately--it's the brew inside a bottle or a can that really matters.
近年不少出名craft beer品牌都开始推出瓶子以外的铝罐选择---个人虽因为视觉效果比较倾向瓶子,不过,说到底无论是瓶子或铝罐,重点只在于内里装的啤酒素质是不是达到或超越期待值,那个最重要。
Many drinkers tend to go for strong, big and bold styles of beers--such as the hop bomb style IPAS--the very rich and thick Stouts or strong ale--or even purposely look for higher ABV beers--to them beers kinda mean Must be Big in Taste profile, Must be Strong in Flavours...
Is that what craft beer is all about? there's no denying that those big and bold brew can be really tasty and well made--but craft beer is NEVER about being one direction only--it's kinda like Kungfu--it's not all about how many bricks you can break in one hit--there's also the subtly awesome part of Kungfu like Taichi..
THE TRUTH is --in the world of craft beer--the higher the ABV, the bigger the flavour DOES NOT mean it will be a better beer--could be far from it actually. 

个性强烈,口感突出的啤酒是不少人心头好,比如高酒精度美国大黑啤,麦酒(BARLEY WINE)或是比利时烈啤(BELGIUM STRONG ALE),又或是强调浓郁啤酒花攻击力的DoubleTriple IPA ---这些口感比较烈的啤酒的确有过人之处,不过,啤酒和武功一样,不是只有硬功夫最厉害,啤酒也讲究四两拨千斤的内敛,讲究平衡,完全没有酒精度越高,酒体越浓郁就是最好啤酒这回事。

CRAFT BEER的世界里,没有绝对NO.1啤酒这回事,也不需要,让这个啤酒世界美好的主因在于繁多的不同啤酒类别/品牌,每个人总能找到至少几个心头好,而且很大可能是不一样选择。
The beauty of craft beer is that --we don't really need the world's number 1 beer or the world's best beer--because there's so many varieties of choices out there--everyone would eventually find his or her best beers--not 1 not 2 but at least a dozen....

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