Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Today is  Boxing Day, few more days to go before we say goodbye to the year 2017--has it been a good one? so so one? not so good one in terms of craft-findings?  we all would have different encounters/discoveries whichever cities you might be in, as customary of this blog, let's look at some list from geeks/friends around Asia, starting with a list from Samuel from Singapore.

Samuel is an engineer by profession, never met him during my early days of going to SG for beer, but met in Copenhagen during 2016 MBCC beer week, with very few of us from KL & SG among the handful of geeks from Asia who ventured all the way to CPH just for beers, it was easy to get to know each other.

The list from Samuel showed a deep influence of being at MBCC this year--which he went again after last year--in a way also showing what those of us who did not make it to MBCC this year missed out on....

1)Voodoo Brewery, Man Bear Pig, -
smells of dark chocolate and bourbon for days, tastes like bitter dark chocolate, chocolate syrup, good decent bourbon, maple syrup, raisins, honey, perfect medium body, dark chocolate bitterness and bourbon finish is very slow, perfect liquid cake.
2) Westbrook Brewing co. Mexican Cake BA Van Winkle
smells of toasted coconut, vanilla, milk chocolate, cinnamon, tastes of distinct toasted coconut, chocolate, dark chocolate, dark chocolate cake, then cinnamon cinnabon develops into the back, cinnamon spice, cinnamon donut chocolate aftertaste is slow.
3) Cycle Brewing, Rarer Scoop
 rich chocolate, milk chocolate, vanilla, dark chocolate, melted chocolate ice cream,
4) Societe Brewing Comapny, The Butcher, -
smells vanilla, dark chocolate, coffee, tastes of good vanilla, dark chocolate, brown sugar, big powdery dark chocolate towards the back, silky medium body, bitter dark chocolate
5) Abnormal Beer co.,  Goodbye Tomorrow -
 dark chocolate, honey, marshmallows, vanilla, medium body, moderate finish

6) Sante Adairius Brewing, West Ashley -
Pinot noir BA saison, smells grassy hay field funk, rotting fruit, tastes of tart grape, lemony, then good floral grassy funk, clean grassy, light body, grassy funk lemon aftertaste finish is fast, very hill farmstead-esque
7) Jester King Brewery, Atrial Rubicite -
smells of clean raspberry jam, tastes of all kind of berry tartness, then berry tartness worthy of a good cheesecake, light juicy body, finish is moderate tart berries,makes you want to eat a  berry cheesecake
8) Trillium Brewing co., Permutation Series Number Eleven
smells ripe peach, nectarine, apricot, overipe mango, tastes tart apricot, tart peach, peach pith, tart nectarine, tart apricot curd, so tasty, light medium body, tart peach pith finishes moderately fast

9) Tree House Brewing Co. Green
smells pineapple, floral, mango, tastes fibrous ripe mango, mango-peach dank, over-ripe pineapple, grilled pineapple, juicy body, mango-fibrous pith bitter aftertaste finishes moderate
10) Foley Brother Brewing, Prospect -
smells tart-bitter orange pith, nuance pine, floral, blood orange, tastes very blood orange, dank and resinous, pineapple pith, green onion-y? juicy-oily light-medium body, sticky grapefruit oily resin finish is so slow
11) Cloudwater Brew co., v13,- 
smells of ripe sweet mango, tastes of ripe sweet mango, somemore mango, then very decent dank, peach, some pine, grassy, dank comes out alot when warm, juicy body, fruity mango and grapefruit aftertaste finish is moderate, mango-flavoured burps
12) Half Acre Beer co., Galactic Double Daisy Cutter -
smells floral, mango and peach, tastes of papaya, floral, unripe mango, unripe peach, light-medium body, floral mango, pith bitter aftertaste finish is moderate

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