Sunday, December 10, 2017


This is quite a lazy piece, as basically i was lazying around during that week in Tokyo--not really going out of the way to look for new places for craft--not really eager to explore more places or drink a whole lot--just lazying around, go slow with the mood sort of beer trip.
this is always the first stop after arriving at Haneda Airport--get out of the immigration check point, head straight down for the train to Shinagawa, check in to hotel.
Basically the trips to Tokyo these past few years has always been the same starting point, at Shinagawa--it's my resting point, it's breakfast and probably a meal or two place, it's where all journey to other stations or other places starts, nothing more nothing less.
Hence Shinagawa has never been a place where i look out for craft places as the focus is always on other areas.
Well--while having breakfast at the station's spanking new dining area run by Isetan--there it was--a beer stand of sort by Yokohama based Antenna America--as you can see, it's basically a super market food stall version--can't compare or expect the scale/ selections available at Yokohama shop/bar but still good for drinkers who happened to be around the station and need a few drinks, especially newbies.
这次在品川车站发现了一个很方便的喝酒点,就开在全新概念的伊势丹超市餐饮区,由美国啤酒进口商Antenna America 开设,看起来像个试点摊档,有好几个啤酒泵卖自家进口啤酒,也有摆在超市那种开放式冰柜的瓶子或罐装选择,对不想搭车下去横滨本店的喝酒人来说是个还可以的选择,当然,因为是简易版就不能期望在这里看到像在本店那样好几个大冰柜的更多不同选择。
If you travel to this station and not for any other reasons--there can only be ONE reason why you even bother to make that trip--for a bottle shop called Tanakaya.
Strictly speaking, Tanakaya is not a shop specialized in craft beer, they sell whisky and other style of spirits, in fact more of those than beer bottles it would seem--but most geeks who have been to Tokyo would have at least visited once--if you a lambic lover than you would have visited more than once.
Yes, one of the main reasons why geeks would visit this bottle shop is that they do have lambic collections most of the time--from Cantillon-3fonteinen-Tilquin-Boon-Bzart there's always something you can find if you are looking for some lambic bottles to take home.
For the uninitiated--don't expect to drink in--it's basically a take away only shop--unless you got invited to drink in which very rarely happen.
严格来说,田中屋并不是啤酒专卖店,说起来,店内的展示柜子卖其他酒类如日本威士忌等其他选择的远比啤酒冰柜内的数量多。不过,因为这里长期可买到价格合理,包括三大品牌Cantillon,  3Fonteinen, Tilquin等比利时天然发酵果酸啤酒, 加上好些其他不错的欧美瓶子选择(包括一些不定时出现又很快消失的佳酿瓶子),让田中屋成为啤迷到东京总要来一探究竟的点。
这是家基本不能在店内即刻买即开瓶子喝的店,一般情况下只能打包带走,也不是每次来都一定会有惊喜发现,不过,可以肯定的是,如果你住的城市完全没有比利时天然发酵果酸啤酒(Lambic 供应,来这里总会有至少几支是让你想带走的。
There's a few craft places around this area--but i went there on a rainy afternoon not for craft bar/bottle shop crawl--went there because our friend Mr.Hamilton of Mikkeller Tokyo was running an event with some friends at a semi open space under the bridge not far from the station.
It was basically a beer party with some food and coffee in the mix, local breweries that joined in that day includes AJB brewing, Barbaric Works, Yorocco, Ushitora...and obviously the list by Mikkeller Tokyo.
The event was quite cozy--selection was quite good--and newly met people are friendly/willing to talk/share a little beer.
It was worth the walk in the rain holding an umbrella.
这活动可说是之前东京米吧好长一段时间流动式经营累计下来的因缘,当天除了米吧自身相关品牌和其他国外友好品牌进口啤酒,也包括友好日本品牌比如长野县AJB, 神奈川县Barbaric Work,逗子市Yorocco 等友好酿坊。
这是个结合啤酒,咖啡,食物的活动,不想只是一直喝酒的人可以有其他选择,不过,既是米吧活动,啤酒选择当然还是最关键重点,如果以亚洲啤酒活动选酒水平来说,这个比较随性的小型活动酒单水准相当不错,比如有来自哥本哈根酿吧WARPIGS与美国顶级蜜酒酿坊合作的半蜜酒半啤酒BRAGGOT WITH SLOEBERRIES, 为今年哥本哈根啤酒庆典特酿的MBCC柚子啤酒,啤迷系列的香草枫糖版本,三倍蓝莓酸啤酒, 日本酿坊YOROCCO的限量版黑鸟PORTERAJB的啤酒花版本农场风格低度啤酒等等。 

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