Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Bomb called mocha...


不是说高酒精度(12%), 说的是味道,口感。



Mocha Bomb是比利时顶级高手De Struise Brouwers精酿之一,他们还有很多很厉害的啤酒,包括2年前有幸尝味的限量版Panneport。

De Struise的啤酒在吉隆坡比较难找,所以这篇BLOG文也是有点找打的。只能想像喝过的味道。

关于MOCHA BOMB的ratebeer LINK:-

It's really a bomb.

One so rich in flavor it literally just exploded the moment you sip in.

It's the first coffee/chocolate beer i have tasted, and it really hit me! not because of the 12% Abv(you don't taste much alcohol at all) , but a lot more because of the taste, aroma...the delicious level makes one wonder how the hack a beer could taste so good...

De Struise is THE Belgian brewer for this one, for those who are in the known, you would know how ridiculously good some of their beers can be, especially another one of my All Time Favorites---Panneport. (another story on a later date on that)

A special thanks to Manu for sharing his private collection some 2 years ago, it was really a bomb!

Anyhow, De Struise beers is hard to come by in KL, while hoping and waiting for a new bottle/s to drop from the sky...( any chance guys?)...memory of the taste lingers on...

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