Thursday, October 24, 2013

我不知道的事。。。。THINGS I did not know.....


在比较深入认识CRAFT BEER 之前。。我所知道的啤酒只是类似没有色彩的世界。

1)啤酒只有那三。四种全世界(就是从BUKIT BINTANG到PJ)的酒吧/迪吧/餐厅/咖啡店有卖的那几个“世界名牌”啤酒。。。

2) 啤酒一定就是要ICE COLD,一定要很冷,然后要很快喝完。。因为等等下就不够冷,不够冷就不好喝啊。。
后来知道了。。不是那样的。。有些CRAFT BEER, 放了一下,没有那么ICE COLD 的时候,口感,味道会变化,会不一样,会更可口,会不同味道或不同层次感。


4) 啤酒嘛,,就是要大口喝,快快喝,才够豪气,才够爽。

Before entering the world of Craft Beer. it's almost like living in a mono color world...

I thought:-

1) The world( from bukit bintang to pj) of beer is only of those 3 or 4 types where all and sundry would care to sell.
and i found out.....of course not true la....

2) Beer MUST be ICE COLD---otherwise it's bad beer or not tasty.
and i found out...of course not true also la...some craft beer actually taste better, give another dimension, taste different( in a better way )when it gets WARMER.!!

3) Beer is only either white or black....
and i found out....there's so many varieties of colors, so many different styles, taste that it is almost like diving into a deep ocean, discovering a whole new world that never existed nor imagined before....

4) Beer is meant to be bottoms up..cheers..drink it up at quick one go....
and i found out....not true at all...craft beers meant to be drank slowly, some very good ones are best drink no less slower than drinking a vintage bottle from oh so pricey 
Château Lafite Rothschild.

WELCOME to the world of craft beer, find your own magic potion....i have found some...join's your turn to keep on finding....


  1. i totally agree with point number 4. i hate when showoffs force you to chug your beer. let me enjoy my beer my way please!

    1. haha, yes, Dian, no matter what we might be drinking, no one should push anyone on how fast or how slow the drink goes into the system.....cheers!