Sunday, October 20, 2013

Meeting The Rock Star---Mikkel from Mikkeller


Mikkeler是我很喜欢的其中一个CRAFT BEER巧手师,到现在为止,他们无数魔法中,BEER GEEK BREAKFAST是我最喜欢的咖啡+巧克力味黑啤。(之后的BLOG文会好好介绍一下)

配合Mikkel第一次来,TAPS BAR KL也介绍了一些平时不多见的Mikeller Collection, 其中包括用“猫屎”咖啡豆酿成的BEER GEEK BRUNCH WEASEL。。。

目前Mikeller直接参与的Mikeller bar/cafe 全世界只有三家,两家在哥本哈根,另一家在美国三藩市。不过,好消息是,很快的,亚洲第一家Mikeller cafe/bar就会出现了,在哪里? 答案是SAWADIKRAP 曼谷。


Mikkeller Blog LINK/链接 :

The blog title says it all.

Yes, it was exciting time indeed last Thursday 17th October for craft beer people who loves Mikeller.

One of the magicians----Mikkel was in KL for the very first time had a "meet and greet" session( thank god no back stage passes needed!) .

Im a sucker for Beer Geek breakfast hence the "meet the rock star" title, as well because of Beer Geek Brunch Weasel. ( more on both the beer on a later date)

The good good news for those of us who enjoy Mikkeller beer but either too busy or too budget constraint to go either 2 of the bar in Copenhagen or only 1 in San Francisco, the first Mikkeller bar/cafe is opening soon much closer to us----we say Sawadikrap Bangkok.

I shall end this blog with a photo of the Rock Star with fans, this photo is courtesy of Manu(second from right).


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