Monday, October 21, 2013

How to choose, what to drink....



会写这个是因为自己开始时候有疑问,也观察到一些很新,才接触CRAFT BEER的朋友有同样问题。


CRAFT BEER的种类繁多,不同口感,味道的选择也很多,如果才开始喝,我的方式是:-

2)如果是在有卖“试味小杯”的地方喝,可以先试试不同口味的啤酒,小口尝试之后再决定是不是要喝大杯。如果是瓶装,可以跟朋友分享SHARE SHARE喝,试味道。


4)在酒量,情况容许下,开始喝的几个月就尽量尝试不同口味,风格的啤酒吧。一些新朋友可能需要“养胃口”,不管是不是需要“过渡期”,尽量尝试正是CRAFT BEER的好玩精神。

这是英国报纸写的CRAFT BEER简易初认识LINK;-

This is a blog title that could well get someone asking w.t.f?

isn't drinking beer is a straight forward matter?

thought of this in view of my own beginners experience as well as seeing some new friends hesitating, not knowing what to drink when face with selections...

Not a guide at all, just to share what i have done in the beginning:-

1) try to go with beer that is closer to own favorite taste, for examples if you don't like sour taste at all, then don't start with sour ale for first craft beer experience.

2) try a sampler with small quantity of different beers if you happened to be around a bar that serve it that way. If opening a bottle then get friend/s to share out, drink less try more...

3) when planning to drink a bit more, starts with lower/milder tasting beers, its almost like warming up, kind of like going smoothly up the ladder( coming down is another matter..)

4) some new friends may need a so called "build up the palates" time frame, could be few weeks could be few months or even more than a year, anyhow, the fun factor to craft beer drinking is to try as many different styles, tasting beers possible( NOT in one night...but over the drinking years ahead....)

happy filling up.....

photo courtesy( or should  i say "stolen"?) from ales & lagers. 

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