Saturday, May 17, 2014

WEEK 7-Intro to Mikkeller & the brewer who play in the kitchen



下星期会有MIKKEL的聊天记,不是什么正经八百的访谈,只是聊聊亚洲,聊聊东南亚的一些CRAFT BEER事。

this week's column is about Mikkeller, and of course, the man behind( or should i say in front?) of the brand.

this is more of an intro piece while waiting for Next week's chit chat with Mikkel.

The Mandarin title is a play of word:-
"ME(as in me)--渴(pronounced as KE)--了(pronounced as LER)
so--the CHINESE version sounded like "mikkeller" but the moniker kind of mean----"I am Thirsty"

"not too long ago, there was this very short video posted on FB, it showed a pot filled with something like coconut "meat" as well as some dried spices including something that looks like Mexican chili..a bottle of beer poured....end of video"

"the video is titled playing in the kitchen.."

"the one who posted the video goes by the name of Mikkel...after some good minutes...a photo was showed, with a reddish color liquid inside a glass...with the caption saying---"it works..."
"to write about Mikkeller & Mikkel can be very easy, as well as very difficult---easy because there's many previous interviews, articles done---difficult---how do you find new angles to write about...."

"Mikkel "brew" beers by sending "recipe list" out to brewery he works with ---it's a bit like a chef.."

"it kind of reminds me of the documentary "El Bulli" made few years ago on celebrity chef---Ferran Adria who is famous with his innovative "molecular gastronomy"---in one particular scene, he just sat on the side of a frantically busy kitchen with all his chefs, staffs busy cooking new dishes----he would just try out a little bit of what's presented on his table, take a look and sometimes have a long pause....not giving out any verdict...and it felt as if the whole kitchen is holding it's breath.....just waiting for a glance, a nod, or a word....."
"while Mikkeller has gone on to bigger playgrounds around the world, deep down, Mikkel would probably felt most at home playing in the kitchen just as he did when first started many years ago.." 

NEXT WEEK---"chit chat" with Mikkel

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