Saturday, May 10, 2014

WEEK 6 Column----Finding "Mi Bar"



对喜欢这个品牌啤酒的朋友来说,去一回MIKKELLER BAR“米吧”(个人选择简称)是必须的。



*另外---CNN.com刚刚发表了他们选出的亚洲10家喝撞意啤酒最好的酒吧(附上全文链接)。“米吧”名列第一。而吉隆坡的TAPS BEER BAR也入选。最好玩的是,很久没在本地出现了的MIKKELLER BEER GEEK BREAKFAST现在上了TAPS的啤酒泵---不过,数量非常有限。


It is pure coincidence that listed Mikkeller Bar as the No.1 beer bar in Asia, and amongst the Top 10 beer bars listed by, Taps Beer Bar KL is also in the list. And, the best part is( well at least to me)---Taps Beer Bar is currently having Beer Geek Breakfast from Mikkeller  ON TAPS…(though in very very limited volume only!)
This week is about “Rice Bar” in Bangkok---it’s a Chinese language “moniker”---Mikkeller Bar in short is pronounced as “Mi米 Bar吧” in Mandarin--- the sound of “Mi”—is the pronunciation for the word “米”---meaning “Rice”--hence“米吧”。

Mikkeller is one of few European craft beers available on a quite regular basis here in KL, so there’s no surprise that there’s a sort of fans base here.

Thanks to the opening of Mikkeller Bar Bangkok, those of us who are in Asia (and better still if you live in KL or Penang where there’s daily direct flights out to BKK)—at least we don’t have to look at Copenhagen, San Francisco and Stockholm and wonder when to fly out there for  the 4 other Mikkeller Bar there is now in the www….

This week’s column is just my observations and a peep into what Mikkeller BKK is like.

The best way to discover the charms of the bar is still….fly out to BKK, find the place, get a beer and slowly feel the place….

“the bar is HIDDEN in a secluded housing area…if not for signage at the gate,  the lush greenery around the bungalow with nostalgic charms looks more like a home to some middle upper class Thai family than a chic beer bar…”

“the location of the bar kind of reflects the mentality of craft beer---low key, not following mass business norm(for examples setting up in a shopping mall or crowded places with ready walk in crowd)

"the man behind Mikkeller( or i should say in front of ?)--super star brew master Mikkel was in the BKK bar when i visited---just like the music, movie or book scene---there's "meet the fans"session as well for beer geeks....ever low key, Mikkel looks more like a regualr guy visiting the bar for some drinks than the super star fans came to meet.... "

NEXT WEEK's column--- a side note/intro on Mikkeller & the man himself---Mikkel Borg Bjergsø

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