Sunday, May 25, 2014

WEEK 8-"chit chat with Mikkel"

这算是“顽啤主张”第一次以访谈/聊聊形式尝试让不太熟悉CRAFT BEER品牌的新朋友认识品牌背后小故事,以及品牌灵魂人物对一些事情的看法/想法。


接下来的月份还会有包括TO OL, BREWDOG, NOGNE等这些吉隆坡比较能常喝到品牌在内酿酒师的聊天记。

This is the first ever "chit chat" article with a brewer for the newspaper weekly column.

The idea is to intro craft beer brand/s, as well as the soul behind( or in front) of the brand/s  to new friends who are not so familiar with craft beer brands out there.

For the benefit of friends who don't read Mandarin, here's the content of the weekly article-----"chit chat with Mikkel"

First thing first---why BKK for the only Mikkeller Bar in Asia?( was it because of your friends & co-owners of the bar, Jakob & Mike been & still living in Bangkok?)
Yes. This and the fact that i like Thailand and have been there often on vacation with my family. Bangkok needed a great beer bar.

Mikkel has a liking for Asia, or in his own words "I love Asia.. Love the food, the produce and the climate.    "
What kind of Asia food items, as well any influences on beer brewed lately?
A lot! Chinese Dim Sum, Japanese sushi, Thai street food, everything. I get inspired a lot by it. We used the japanese citrus fruit Yuzu a lot lately..

Mikkel has been to many places in Asia as well have brewed some beers with brewers in Japan, Shanghai, Hong Kong...any thoughts of maybe brew something in South East Asia region?
No plans at the moment. We need to see an improve in raw maetrial (hops etc) before we start exploring these opportunities.

What's his view on Asia's craft scene, particularly South East Asia?
It’s a growing scene. therefore interesting. It is still in its very immature stages, but a lot is happening these days. I am sure we will see more western breweries move into these areas.
Mikkeller has grown in popularity, and at times invited unwanted comments from some drinkers who think Mikkeller is becoming sort of "main stream' now..what's your view?
Not really. We are still very small. Of course we grow - all popular things do. But you can be sure our quality won't change.

One of the main feature about Mikkeller is the sheer number of different beers produced in the past few years.
So, say on a scale of 100, how many marks do you give yourself for remembering beers you have done so far?
100. I remember all the names. Not the hops varieties used though.

What you would tell a first time craft drinker?
Be open minded. And critical. Craft beer isn't good just because it is craft beer.
And to those who are happy with factory beer, or reluctant to try craft because it's something new, something they are not familiar with?
You are missing out...

Relating to my own drinking experiences, in particular an encounter with a bottle of Three Flyod Dark Lord 2009 , I wanted to know for a brewer like Mikkel who is more or less seen all, tasted all--what kind of beers he enjoy nowadays....
I hardly ever drink these strong black beers any more. I am more for low abv session beers with a lot of flavor these days.

Lastly--this is not included in the weekly column---if any of you living in Asia is curious about if there would be a second Mikkeller Bar somewhere in Asia within the next 1-2 years...this is what Mikkel replied:-

So, that's that.

NOTE:-There will be more "chit chat" articles coming this way in the next 2 months or so....( already lining up are TO OL, Brewdog, Nogne...)

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