Sunday, May 4, 2014

WEEK 5 intro to IPA(2/2)




Week 5, this is part 2/2 of intro to IPA.

nothing technical or real in depth, just basic info, simple things about IPA.

after all, the best way to understand a beer is still one simple movement---raise your glass. try it, taste it.

"some people might prefer to look at IBU first before deciding on which IPA to drink...while IBU is an interesting benchmark for "measuring" bitterness, it is also somewhat there are many arguments about how bitter can a human tongue actually taste"

"Do not take the IBU figures too seriously..only way to find out if you like it or not is to try the beer"

"to say if one has never tried an IPA is not considered having tasted craft beer probably sounds too critical( even rude or naive)---but the truth is, you will never miss out IPA---it is like an underground band making it so big to main stream music scene that it is almost impossible to miss it...." 

"IPA is suitable for all, be it newbie or season drinkers--you can start with it, or drink it mid way to change mouth feel---or as end game drink..."


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