Sunday, July 6, 2014

WEEK 14--chit chat with TOBIAS--TO OL(PART 2/2)

对喜欢北欧啤酒(TO OL, MIKKELLER, NOGNE, AMAGER)的本地朋友来说,过去几天,还有至少未来一两个星期会是不错的日子。。因为这些酿酒师的啤酒都在本地以瓶子或啤酒泵“鲜啤”姿态出现着。

单单TO OL 来说,目前上了啤酒泵的是低酒精度淡啤HOP LOVE PILS。


This past few days and coming 1-2 week should be very good if you happened to be in KL and love beers from the Northern Europe--namely TO OL, MIKKELLER, NOGNE, AMAGER...there are some nice beers from these guys currently available here either on tap or in bottles ...

in the case of TO OL, the one currently on tap is HOP LOVE PILS.

we continue with last week's chit chat with TOBIAS:-

Q:-Do you like ASIAN food( fruits/local beverages included)?
TOBIAS:-We love Chinese dim sum fast food. We love everything fermented or aged food products, including beverages and food. We love most of the Asian cuisine as a whole. I think our IPA's and sessions beers are well suited for this fresh, honest kitchen.

Q:-Craft beer scene in ASIA as a whole is still very much lagging behind Europe/US market...anything you noticed that you would like to share with us?
TOBIAS:-I think the amount of passion is a big difference. Since the craft beer scene is so small in Asia, the people who are working with it now are really dedicated and first movers. I like to be in an environment where everything is new and inspiring.
Q:-Your beers are available here as well as other Asia cities, any words/message to drinkers who love your beers?
TOBIAS:-Well, a big thank you for supporting us and making our dream come true. I can guarantee them, that if you continue supporting Danish Craft beer like To Øl, Mikkeller or Amager, we will continue to make interesting beers for you!

Q:-To someone who is drinking craft for the very first time, what would be your "advise"?
TOBIAS:-That they should be open minded and forget everything they know about beer, because it's probably a standard lager which is their comparison. If you stay open minded, most craft beer should be just fine. But if you expect a lager while drinking a black ipa or something else, you would get disappointed.
Q:-To someone who is reluctant to try craft beer?
TOBIAS:-Try it out! nothing happens if you don't try it. And nothing bad happens if you try it, worst case is that you don't like the beer. Well, then try another craft beer and see if it suits you! 

Q:-Travelling to beer festivals, business trip or even just pure chill out trip, does it inspire you in any way?
TOBIAS;-: I think as a gypsy brewer, we need to travel and meet new people to get inspired about what's going on in the craft beer world. I we only stayed at home, we would never know what's going on in the big world and so we seek out a lot of new inspiration from other countries/breweries.

Q:-Looking back from where you started, any difficult moments?
TOBIAS:-After got a basic grasp of legislation, accounting and food regulations, it has been pretty easy. I like that in the craft beer community, most people started out as amateurs, home brewers or beer geeks. So we are all sort of in the same boat.

Q:-between a "crazy beer" & something more easily accepted by majority, which would be your choice of brew?
TOBIAS;-We still make beers that me and Tore like to drink ourselves. That's the centerpiece of our brewery. We don't brew for market shares or what's "hot" for the moment. So, depending on our mood, it can be a crazy beer or a session, balance beer. 

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