Sunday, July 20, 2014

WEEK 16--BEERFEST 2014---some BEERS




This week we talk about some beers tasted during the 3 days at Beerfest Asia 2014. The beers mentioned in the weekly column were very much basing on personal taste.

The list is not a true reflection of the number of good beers available during the Beerfest as there were many other brewers beers that I did not mentioned nor tasted during the short 3 days period.

As per what's published in the weekly column, here's some of the beers tasted and mentioned:-

"Due to limited personal capacity, some beers that are available in KL from time to time, such as Hitachino Nest(Japan), Brewdog, Harviestoun(Scotland),Nogne(Norway), Mikkeller(Denmark), Rouge, Victory, Anderson Valley( USA) were deliberately skipped"
"De Molen(Holland) is a bit hard to come by here in KL, was a pleasant surprise to find  "hell & damnation" on tap---as well Blossom from TO OL(Denmark)---and low abv( 5.4%) "Punchline porter" from Magic Rock( UK).."
"Stone will be available in KL soon, selectively tasted "Smoked porter with chipotle peppers"  and "oaked arrogant bastard ale"

"Deschutes beers been made available here in KL, but not this limited edition "Mirror Mirror" barley wine---had a small sip courtesy of someone else's bottle( thanks bro)---to new friends who just started drinking craft---"handle with care" when faced with a barley wine though...."
"Lagunitas--lovely session beers---"Daytime" & "A little sumpin' sumpin'"----as for the newly introduced Heretic also from the US, tasted 2 porter---"Chocolate Hazelnut" & "Shallow Grave"--nice ones"

"it's been a long time coming that UK beers has got a reputation of being kind of dull--but this Beerfest showcase some interesting new brews from the UK...."
"Buxton's "Imperial Black Ipa" is very much comparable to the US brew's reputation of "heavy handed when using hops" , while the golden color "Axe Edge" ipa is plesant.."
"Beavertown---a bit of interesting back ground for rock music lovers---as the master brewer Logan Plant is celebrity in the UK with a even bigger name father( if you know LED ZEPPELIN--you would know who Robert Plant is)--as for the beers--"Gamma Ray" is a nice pale ale---the collaboration fruit beer"Rubus Maximus" with WILD BEER( also another new UK brew brand) is sour and refreshing,..."

NEXT WEEK--The story of 2 guys & a Dog.....

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