Sunday, July 27, 2014

WEEK 17--The Bad Boys from Aberdeen--part 1/2





下期有跟“酿狗”灵魂人物之一JAMES WATT的简短聊天记。

This is the story of 2 guys & a dog.
Changes usually occur due to dissatisfaction with the "current" state of affairs(or the lack of it), that's how many brewers started, and some went on to supply beers to different cities in different continents. 

To some people, Brewdog is a name synonymous with controversial issues, but say what you like about the 2 guys who started and kept rolling the brand to world stage, the emergence of Brewdog and their unorthodox way of dealing with some traditional issues did brought big changes to  UK craft brew scene....
here's some QUOTES from the weekly column :-
THESE were some labels associated with them:-
1) born TV personalities( high profile, never afraid of being under the spotlight...)

2)the bad boys that don't give a damn about tradition( that they would challenge restrictions, rules, tradition with whatever ways they could..)

3)publicity "stuntmen"(the relentless chase of creating the world's strongest/highest abv beer) 
4) the hands that changed the 300 years old law( the world smallest protest with dwarf that brought in the new measurement of 2/3pint)

5) the guys who injected new life into the very dull UK beer scene( not just the sarcastic ways of blowing factory beers up the sky or using as bowling pins--the more important part is the beers brewed)

6)the kids who stand up to giant(the Diageo case where an already decided awards was given to someone else is well documented..)
"from the first big contract they secured with a supermarket chain where beers were filled by hands to the recent spanking new brewery---Brewdog has become a success story with beers available in many different cities around the world...."
"James & Martin--are they just bad boys who disregard and challenge & break traditions, set rules OR guys who are good at marketing & publicity?---i would say more the latter)

NEXT WEEK---chit chat with JAMES WATT

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