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新加坡啤酒节也有大厂啤酒,威士忌等等其他类别参与,不过,撞意啤酒占据了重要比例,也有很多人是冲着有什么新的,平时少见的CRAFT BEER而来,是可喜现象。

This week is a very brief walk about, some observations about the recently concluded BEERFEST ASIA 2014.

Spending 3 days in a beerfest with more than 400 different kind of beers is hardly enough time to sample much of what's on offer.

"drinking nice beers with plastic cup is hardly a way not  SHIOK(fun) at all---but considering the number of people visiting, it is still acceptable."

"though most craft beers were selling for Sing dollar 10-15 per glass, in some cases cost even more, there were still many takers..."
"many who help out at the craft beer booth are basically friends of the owner---they pay to drink on normal day--and work for free for maybe up to 8-9 hours each day during beerfest---this is the beauty of craft beer spirit." 

"a daily scene--- he or she will be holding a cup full of beer--and then share it with friend/friends---people are literally "kissing"with the same cup of beer--but they just don't mind at all--craft beer is about sharing---because there's too many good beers out there to share..."
"there's many pretty girls representing big name factory beers or hard liquor brands roaming around the venue, trying to promote their line of products...but whenever the girls approach a table full of craft beer drinkers---the "reverse promotion" started....craft drinkers would be asking the promoters to try out craft....."
*the above photo is courtesy of Sharon Chan---whose name was accidentally left out, instead credited with another photo provider's name on the newspaper column print version.

NEXT WEEK---beers tasted during the fest.

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