Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Refresher?

What is SAISON:-





因为一位朋友的介绍,喝了本来如果由我选择会被错开,THE LOST ABBEY酿制的CARNEVALE SAISON





THE LOST ABBEYCARNIVALE不是只让人口感清新或大幅度降落,不是那么一回事。 的确,因为是SAISON,入口时候会先感觉清新,可是同时会即刻感觉到CARNIVALE口感的多变化。


在本地THE LOST ABBEY的酒难找。 喜欢或想尝试SAISON的朋友还是可以喝到其他酿酒师的瓶子,可以看看本地唯一CRAFT BEER BAR—TAPS BAR KL不定时上架的SAISON选择, 或是位置在Publika的啤酒专卖店ALES & LAGER 有什么瓶子。


CARNEVALE on ratebeer

I have almost always thought Saison is just a "refresher beer".

Nothing very complex but either as starter or more as a "refresher" after some heavier bottles if not in the mood for an IPA for a change of taste.

That impression of Saison being "less of a complex beer" changes recently, thanks to a wise choice by a friend( you know who you are..;)

The bottle was Carnevale by The Lost Abbey.

It was in fact the 5th and last drink of the evening, after earlier two heavy bottles, we were thinking of something different style to change the palate.

Given my impression about Saison and the long list of so many highly rated, impressive bottles available, I would have surely chosen something else, not a Saison.

Well, my friend did the honor and Saison was the choice.

And there i was" ok, good and easy one to called it a night"

The first sip, the moment when the saison made a full circle on the taste bud, that "easy drink" impression immediately vanished, it was certainly NOT just a refreshing beer!

If i thought drinking Saison was like having a nicely chilled coconut water in a hot summer beach, refreshing, cooling and that's it. Carnevale Saison would be more like having a nicely blend cocktail, still refreshing and cooling, but much more varied in taste and aroma. 

And if you check on ratebeer for the world best 25 Saison, Carnevale is not yet in the list....

Saison, only a "refresher beer"?

Certainly certainly nope...... 

*World best saison list:-(according to ratebeer)

There's not many Saison choices available locally, however, do check out Taps Bar KL's list or Ales & Lager in publika for some siason choices from time to time.....

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