Sunday, November 17, 2013

little trouble in Big Tokyo





去东京之前做了点功课,也谢谢TOKYO BEER DRINKER的BLOG,帮了不少忙。(有兴趣的请上去看看,已经在我的BLOG LIST)




简单的总结,东京的CRAFT BEER选择比这里多很多,单单只是我很喜欢的第一家BAR的冰箱就有很多非常厉害的藏酒(大多数是美国大师级作品),而且这家还有很不错的啤酒是已经上了TAPS的。



I was in Tokyo recently and faced with a little trouble.

Nope, not of the unpleasant or any Yakuza related kind, just craft beer related.

you see, I did a bit of home work prior to the trip to Tokyo looking for craft beer places.

and yes, thanks to the smaller world on the net, I found a very helpful blog Tokyo Beer Drinker which is listed now for everyone's reading pleasure.

so what was the little trouble i faced in Tokyo?

well, it was SELECTION problem.
imagined you are the manager of a football club and you walk into a dressing room full of players like Messi, Ronaldo, van Persie, Rooney, Falcao, Edison Cavani for a slot of two strike partnership...who do you choose? who to leave out?

there are many craft beer places in Tokyo, apart from those which concentrate on Japanese craft brews, I've basically singled out about 5 craft beer places in my "go visit" list.

But, right after my visit to the first bar, little trouble seem to have gotten much bigger----the reason? because the fridge that housed all the bottles in that particular bar is already way more than I could drink during my stay even if i go Everyday, and I would love to try most of them if not all...!!

I shall be writing in more details about beers tasted during the trip in following articles, for now, in summary, the 5 places i have listed as go visit were 
2.Goodbeer Faucets 
4.Brasserie St.Bernardus 
5.Popeye (as well thought of going to Delirium cafe Tokyo)

In the end, I only went to 3 places, which are Craftheads, Goodbeer Faucets & Brasserie St.Bernardus.

Out of the 3 places, i ended up going 4 times to Craftheads,the reason? all the awesome bottles in that magic fridge! never mind they still have good ones on those taps.....

It really was a beautiful little trouble, which on hind sight, would never be solved with just a week or so time, in the end, the trouble was only partially solved...

More visit is needed.....

to be continued......

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