Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Treasure hunt---the search continues

在涉谷找到Craftheads对很喜欢CRAFT BEER的人来说会是一件很开心的事。



1) In the name of suffering( black IPA by Three Floyd)
个人感觉:- 没有想象中好,跟喝过的其他瓶子比较觉得有一点单调。很苦,不过口感不太复杂。

2) Wee Heavy( scotch ale by Alesmith)
个人感觉:- 太好喝了。香滑顺口之后的口感是威士忌辣味。

3) Speedway Stout ( by Alesmith)

个人感觉:-咖啡,可可, 香料的复杂,非常圆润口感。

4)  Dreadnaught( imperial IPA by Three Floyd) 


5) Cherry Adam( strong ale by Hair of the Dog)

个人感觉:- 樱桃果香带一点点果酸,带有木桶成熟啤酒独特酒香。

第二和第三晚都是很开心的品酒经历。当然,还有第四晚的文字很快会再写。第四晚也是在CRAFTHEADS“朝拜”的最后一晚,当天的其中一瓶是大名鼎鼎的DARK LORD 2009年版。


It was only after a few days only did i pop my head into Craftheads for more treasure hunt.

On the 2nd Visit I did 2 bottles:-
1) In the name of suffering( black IPA by Three Floyd)
personal note:- a little disappointed as i was comparing this bottle to some of other black IPA i have tasted, it's very hoppy but probably it.

2) Wee Heavy( scotch ale by Alesmith)
personal note:- this bottle light up the taste bud, Im not a big fan of scotch ale but this is one hell of a bottle, really nice...and as the name suggest...a wee bit heavy too...

on the 3rd Visit, started with another of Alesmith bottles:-
1) Speedway Stout ( by Alesmith)
personal note:- for a stout, this one is creamy, smooth. taste coffee/mocha-ish....with whisky and spices after taste. Damn good.

2) Dreadnaught( imperial IPA by Three Floyd) 
personal note:- full of fruity freshness, and hoppy after taste..Nice one.

3) Cherry Adam(  strong ale by Hair of the Dog)
personal note:-last beer of the evening, wanted a beer to come down but this is a beer too good to "come down" at all...LOL...

Both 2nd & 3rd Visit were basically a beer geek's most simple pleasure, i.e. to have found a place stocked with awesome collections. Only problem is i could only drink so much(or little?) on each visit.

Will write about the 4th and last visit of the trip to Craftheads soon. It was to be the highlight of the visit as a bottle of 2009 Dark Lord by Three Floyd was booked and waiting to be savoured.  

to be continued....

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