Sunday, November 3, 2013

Drinking is a state of mind?




今天说的是喝craft beer的精神。

重点是喜欢喝craft beer 的朋友都是已经历过乱喝或滥喝"只要是酒精就可以"的阶段。。会开始喝craft beer 主要是因为啤酒的多变化多口味多选择。。。不是因为可以喝一支就倒下。

认识的朋友中,有开始不久还在追求比较重口味啤酒的,也有已经喝了不少好酒现在开始觉得比较轻口味craft beer是正道的。

不论是还在追求路上或是已经完成赏味一圈慢慢觉得平淡是福的。。会欣赏craft beer 的朋友都是懂得分享的。。。


when somone says drinking is not about how much alcohol contentor how many pints.bottles you end up with...people always only think that either that guy is a hell of a alcohol drinker or he is a very good beer drinker...

well....when itcomes to craft beer drinking, regardless if u have just found out about the beauty of craft beers or u hv done full circle and started to feel that lighter flavor beers are actually very good too very much to your liking....whatever the scenario might be...the true spirits to craft beet drinking is sharing....its not really very zen about drinking alcohol but in some way...craft beer drinking can be very zen like...its all about the state of mind, especially since most craft beer drinkers have passed through that stage of anything alcoholic is good kind of silly days..

what hv you found lately, which bottle or pint are you waiting to taste next...

lets share out....


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