Saturday, November 16, 2013

meet the Giant


10月31号晚上他在TAPS BAR KL出现的时候,我还在4万米高空上。

所以就有现在这个有点奇怪的“剪报”照片。(这里要谢谢THE STAR的Michael同意转载)。


“巨人”Kjetil Jikiun虽然现在已经是CRAFT BEER界很成功的酿酒师,Nogne也已经是受推崇和欢迎的品牌,可是看完他的访谈会觉得,基本心态上,他和我们这些喜欢喝CRAFT BEER的人没有什么分别,大家就是喜欢分享,喜欢寻找新的口味。

现阶段,吉隆坡喜欢喝CRAFT BEER的本地朋友还不是很多,关于这个现象,听听“巨人”说的就会了解,以他本身在挪威的经验,刚开始时候,他们酿的酒被喝惯“工厂啤酒”的人们说“这不是啤酒!!”

他也觉得喝惯“工厂啤酒”的人需要一段时间,一个转折点来进入CRAFT BEER的世界,比如说从转喝德国麦啤酒开始。关于这点,个人觉得是认同的,因为自己也是从德国啤酒开始,转向比利时啤酒,然后才慢慢开始会欣赏CRAFT BEER。

在吉隆坡这个CRAFT BEER沙漠,有点幸运的,我们有机会时不时喝到北欧酿酒师的好酒,除了大名鼎鼎的Mikeller, 同样来自丹麦的TO OL, 当然也有Nogne。

个人喝过的Nogne有IPA, Porter, Imperial Stout, Saison, Tripel, Imperial Brown Ale。。。

下一目标是特酿的100号 barley wine和500号imperial ipa. 当然还有很受推崇的dark horizon 系列。

SPECIAL Thanks to The Star & Michael Chang, below the full text of the write up:-

About NOGNE;-

Nope. meet the Giant, i did not.

When Kjetil Jikiun, the master brewer & co-founder of Nogne O was mingling with drinkers alike at Taps Bar KL on 31 October recently, I was mid air going somewhere else.

Hence the "weird" photo of "newspaper snap".

In a craft beer desert like KL, we are in deed lucky to have on taps, as well as bottles from Scandinavians brewers like Mikkeller, To OL and of course Nogne.

Having read the interview by Michael, I thought the Giant that he is in today's craft beer world, Mr Kjetil is not much different from all of us beer geek in that we all just love to share good beers. as well like to find out more about any new taste/bottles available.

I totally agree with what he said about going into the world of craft beer,for anyone drinking the "usual factory beers" to appreciate craft beer, it would surely take a transition period or a turning point.

For one, my own transition took place about 5 years ago, from "whatever beers" to weissbier to Belgium beers, and eventually "crafted".

I have had the chance to try out some of Nogne brews, including IPA, Porter, Imperial Stout, Saison, Tripel, Imperial Brown Ale。。personal favorite would be the IPA & Porter.

Next on the to drink list would be:-
batch 100 barley wine

batch 500 Imperial IPA.

AND of course, to try and hunt down---THE DARK HORIZON SERIES.

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