Tuesday, December 31, 2013

13/14 Beer List ---by Kennhyn--Part 2 of 2

in part 2, Kennhyn continues to share his list of memorable beers for 2013, as well as some beers he can't wait to sample...

 Nogne #100

Victory Hop Devil

Lagunitas Dogtown Pale Ale

Mikeller USAlive

De Molen Vuur & Vlam

De Struise Ignis & Flama

Brewdog Paradox Grain

Looking ahead, with some regional beer festivals and special beer trip planned in 2014, with so many new beers to sample in the next 12 months, Kennhyn has listed a few bottles as his wish list:-

Adam by Hair of the Dog

Fred by Hair of the Dog
Pennepot Grand Reserva

also, bottles from The Lost Abbey

#展望2014年,除了会参与一些区域性啤酒节尝试新酒,他也安排了一趟赏味之旅。那么多瓶子选择之中,他挑了上面三瓶分别来自美国和比利时盛名鼎鼎不过较难找的瓶子为14年必试啤酒。也想试来自THE LOST ABBEY 的瓶子(有兴趣了解Adam, Fred,Lost Abbey瓶子赏味经验的朋友可以回看本BLOG之前的帖文)

NEXT UP---beer list from Manu, a belgian based in KL for the past few years.

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