Friday, December 27, 2013

Beer list 13/14---by Neil----Part 2 of 3

part 2 of Neil's beer list 2013/14...

Tazawako Pilsner -
This one was a real surprise, and reflects what I have written above about tending towards more simple styles recently. I was going to a new place to add it to my blog. It is one of the new trend of lower priced locations which sometimes have less exciting beers. In the interests of ticking, I ordered this but it completely blew me away. Maybe it was the right beer at the right time but it tasted so refreshing, and so delicious that I still think about how great it was a few months on. Need to try it again, to see if it was a freak occurrence. But if this the outcome of me gravitating towards simpler beers, I am delighted that's the way I am going.

At the Ratebeer Japan gathering I had my first taste of a New Glarus beer, an apple lager if I remember correctly. Recently one of my friends came back from a trip to the US with this and it was amazing. I don't like Rhubarb, but this beer was beautiful. Really fruity, but with a touch of sourness to keep it interesting. I was disappointed to find that they don't sell their beer outside of Wisconsin. Guess that means I should go to Wisconsin. 
When we went to the original Mikkeller bar in Copenhagen a few years ago, this was a real standout. Back in London for my Summer holiday, I spotted it on the bottle menu at Cask in Pimlico. To be honest, it was a bit of an extravagance. Before I left London I think I would have had trouble with paying £25 for a 750ml bottle of beer, but after living in Japan, it doesn't seem so expensive. It tasted different from when we previously had it, but was still great and worth every penny. One for a special occasion I guess. 

My recent trips to London have been dominated by starting drinking ridiculously early on a Saturday morning in a railway arch (Kernel). On my last trip there were a couple of new breweries in the same area for me to try. This was the highlight from Partizan (although actually, thinking about it, I think I might have actually drunk it somewhere else). In any case, Partizan are now a brewery that I am very interested in. The other new brewery, Brew By Numbers didn't excite me so much. The Kernel was as excellent as it has always been, and I will be going back there as many times as possible on my next trip. 

I am including Zinnebir to represent all the beers that I love that I have revisited this year. I am a Belgian beer lover at heart and a Zinnebir was always one of the best things about going to Brussels. So in this entry, Zinnebir stands for De Dolle's regular beers, the Cantillons on tap at Moeder Lambic, all the great Kernel versions I have drunk and many many more things too. Maybe I am getting old, but I am enjoying spending time with 'old friends' much more recently.
#Zinnerbir是由比利时名师de la senne酿制。吉隆坡能找到包括同门的另外几瓶不同类型啤酒。

to be continued...Part 3 of 3 will be some thoughts from Neil about beer drinking in the coming months ahead...

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