Saturday, December 28, 2013

Beer List 13/14--by NEIL---part 3 of 3

This is the last part of Neil's beer list write up, in which he would share his thoughts and outlook for the new year....

As for my want list, I have to say I don't really have one. I have always drank what is available rather than frantically seeking big name beers. Occasionally I get drawn into it, but to be honest, I don't really know how to go about getting these exciting beers (aside from paying lots of money for them). 

So, my want list is instead a list of beer-related things that I want to do or trends I hope to follow.


Low alcohol 
It is easy to be seduced by a high alcohol content. There are some amazing beers that have a lot of alcohol in them. In my rush to sample as many as possible of these beers I feel I have neglected lower strength beers. This may be in part due to my preference of Belgian beers, generally much stronger compared to the traditional beers from where I am from, which have never really got me particularly excited. 

However, in recent years I have started to enjoy drinking beers that I can repeatedly drink all evening. This even extends to my recent Belgian beer preferences. 
The De La Senne brewery make amazingly tasty beers at lower strengths. If I ever become a millionaire somehow, I want a permanent Zinnebir tap in my house. A lot of the lambic beers are also around 5%, as are many Japanese craft beers and this is becoming my new preference. I want to continue drinking lots of beers like this. Although there is still definitely a place for higher strength beers in my schedule too.
#享受低酒精度啤酒。很多“厉害”的啤酒都是高酒精度的瓶子,包括很多NEIL喜欢的比利时瓶子。不过,近年NEIL开始找回可以慢慢喝整晚的低酒精度啤酒乐趣。比如比利时的酿酒大师DE LA SENNE就有蛮多低酒精的佳酿,包括自然酸酿法的LAMBIC有的只是5%酒精度,以及好多日本酿制的啤酒。在享受低度酒的时候,当然,高酒精度瓶子还是有位置的。

Give money to people who deserve it 
This is a recent policy of mine. Given that there is now a massive choice of places to drink in Tokyo with a big range of prices too, it is too easy to settle for whoever can give you good beer for the lowest price. 

However, a recent bar opening with satisfyingly low prices has caused me to consider who I am giving my money to. It is definitely a personal thing, but the previous business venture of the owners of this new bar made me feel uncomfortable about me giving them my money. This was compounded by visiting a small bar in Shinjuku with a small selection compared to many places around that just felt nice and was run by a really nice guy.

I will no longer chase cheap beers and large tap lists (well not exclusively anyway…) and I will try to give my money to those who I feel deserve it. 
Enjoy things a second time 
As I may have mentioned above, one of the good things about Japan having a relatively small scene at the moment is that I am starting to catch up with a lot of breweries' beers. I can't help my beer ticker personality, but I do feel that I am approaching a time where I can start enjoying beers that I know like more often, rather than always trying new things.. I hope to find a happy balance in 2014.

I will still go for new beers, but hopefully not at the expense of having things that I actually like and want to drink. I guess this also touches on the point above about giving money to people who deserve it. I will endeavour to do my best to support breweries and bars that I like as much as I can. There will still be place for new places and new beers, but I hope to focus on things that I already know I like.

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