Monday, December 2, 2013

Champagne & Wine in a Beer



Nelson Sauvignon是丹麦酿酒师Mikkeller的顽皮之作,巧妙的开了香槟,葡萄酒这些听起来。一般人印象中“比较高级”的瓶子一个不小的玩笑。




是的,Nelson Sauvignon的瓶子包装和香槟没分别,开瓶时也会有“POP”的一声“香槟音效”。

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Fancy a bubbly champagne this Xmas?

or maybe something different, something uniquely combined the best of champagne, sauvignon blanc and beer in a bottle?

Shared a bottle of Nelson Sauvignon recently, brewed by Mikkeller, personally i thought this is kind of naughty idea to combine the characteristic of "the noble's drinks"of champagne & wine into "the commoner's drink" of beer.

For sure i would not know how difficult it is technically to brew champagne & wine into a beer, or should i say a beer that taste like champagne & white wine, the only thing I know is that it makes you go "Hmmm...." after the first sip, and more anticipation pop out waiting for the taste, mouth feel to change.

From the mouth feel, one could taste the unique bubbles of a champagne, dryness usually only associated with champagne & wine, the fruitiness and sourness of sauvignon blanc, as well as the smooth bubbly taste of a beer.

This is not a bottle where the taste and aroma is something im familiar with, but it is a very nice new taste for the palate, probably not a casual/everyday drinking bottle, but hey, if you are in the mood to "POP" open and listen to the sound of a Champagne bottle but prefer a Beer, then this is it....not only the bottle is pack like a Champagne bottle, the sound of 'POP' is there too...


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