Friday, December 9, 2016

2016 MOST MEMORABLE BEER LIST--a list from TAO(Bangkok)

and so the year 2016 is coming to an end soon--it's that time of the year where this blog invites some beer friends from different cities in and around ASIA to recollect some of the beers/mead that they tasted and remember the most for whatever beer/personal/odd reasons there might be...

一年容易快过去--2016 年有什么啤酒(或蜜酒)让你印象深刻?今年的“最有印象记”由来自曼谷的朋友TAO的清单开始。
to kick start the list ---here's a list by TAO from Bangkok--those who been visiting Bangkok craft beer scene would have either bumped into him at Mikkeller Bar or many other craft places in and around Bangkok where he also brew and is an active member of the Thai Brew revolution...

here's the list--as written by TAO
1.Stonehead : Koh Kong Pale Ale As you might know it or not that in Thailand founding a microbrewery is an impossible task.These guys just so stubborn and don’t want to be limit their freedom to brew by the law. They thought about plan B “ Why don’t we go just 5 km off the border to Cambodia and brew there and ship it back in? ” It was a tough job and it took one year to complete everything and this year the first beer from the first thai off shore microbrewery reached its homeland. It doesn’t taste that much malty nor hoppy but it tastes like “ FREEDOM ”.
在泰国,自酿是不合法的,想要自己酿酒卖更加是很有难度,这支啤酒品牌是由一班3爱酿发烧友越过泰国边界5公里处,在柬埔寨设立酿坊, 再以国外啤酒姿态回流的泰国品牌--TAO的个人感受是--这是自由的味道。
 2.The Booth : Krieuk IPA I took my 3 weeks journey in South Korea. Discovering so many great beers there. But this IPA is the best IPA I have tasted this year. Love their beer , Great start-up story by far.
3.Lamzing : If You Like Pina Corlada This beer is my most memorable beer. Early this year I was appointed to represent Stonehead and Lamzing in Singapore for a craftbeer fest. It proved to me beers can make friendships. Thank you for all you guys especially Singaporean beer geeks.
 4. U Beer by Singha The worst beer and marketing from the big long monopolized family run brewery. It has been brewing well-known Singha beer for nearly 80 years. Still the best beer as they always say.Coming out with new colorful attractive but as its heir said what inside is the same….So what the point you change new label and sub-brand design

5.Duchesse de Bourgogne Um… Just love this beer

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