Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 Most Memorable Beer List--a list from YC (Singapore)

The year is nearing it's end but the list continues--this time a short list from YC --a geek friend who flown in with 3 other geeks from Singapore not long ago for sharing session/s with some of us here in KL.

We often hear of friends from down south drove in or flew in for food or visiting friends--but for craft beer sharing session? that's really rare. (though food is also part of "must do" agenda for the guys)
Here's the list from a guy who said he is slowly moving on to discover different "dimensions" from other alcoholic beverages :)
FiftyFifty Eclipse Elijah Craig 12yearold Bourbon BA
I had this bottle at a share with fellow beer lovers in TAPS bar Malaysia. It was the perfect balance of fudge, barrel char, vanilla with a medium body. I still recall how we built up the suspense for the session and matched schedules for this cross-border meet to work out. One of the best beer decisions this year.
这是在吉隆坡分享会喝到的瓶子--酒体适中, 充满木桶熏香,香草,奶糖的均衡黑啤, YC觉得为这次瓶子分享特意飞来是今年做过的最佳啤酒决定之一。
Sante Adairius Saison Bernice
Landed this in a trade with my friend Joe. It started with a typical belgian yeast spice before transiting to fuzzy peaches and tangerines. There was a nice tartness which didnt last too long. Having this at a share with some of the best people i met in beer made this a standout memory.
Evil Twin Maple Jesus.
This was one of the sweetest beers I've had. Normally, I stay away from sweet things as they make me cringe but for this beer, all the roasted malts and thick body worked well with the maple. My buddy Christian brought this back from his trip to the USA and shared with everybody who was stoked to have a taste of its potential. Paired with the best fried chicken in Chinatown.
Trillium Upper Case
Samuel brought a great stash of IPAs back and this stood out from an already stellar lineup. Sunshine in the mouth. I was speaking in the Upper Case after this.
Jester King El Cedro
It was an extremely lucky score from a bottle shop in Perth. A dry hopped Farmhouse ale aged on cedar spirals. This was a very grapefruit and creamy beer which shouts for the potential of cedar in hoppy beers.

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