Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 Most Memorable Beer List-a list from Liam (Hong Kong)

Liam is a beer geek from HK--the first time we met in person was actually at Mikkeller Bangkok--it's the scene all too familiar to most geeks around the world--total strangers started talking- about certain beer--and then started sharing a beer or two...
Liam is passionate about craft beer, and writes about beers/mead he tasted on social media :-

啤咩啤BmB Beer meh Beer HK 


Here's the list from Liam( and perhaps i should have asked him to write in Mnadarin/Cantonese too--instead of me trying to interpret :)
1.      New Glarus Brewing Company “Raspberry Tart”
They certainly brew the best fruit beers in the world. This “Raspberry Tart” was given by my beer geek friend, Tommy, on my wedding day! After the long exhausting day, it was our energy drink. “Are we drinking fresh raspberry juice?” my wife asked.
2.      Hill Farmstead Brewery “Twilight of the Idols”

It was a hearty gift from my beer geek friend, Kenneth, for my wedding and my first Hill Farmstead. No wonder why they are the no.1 brewery in the world. An extremely well-balanced porter that is full of coffee, cinnamon and vanilla. Full of flavour but nothing too much.
3.      Omnipollo “Yellow Belly Sundae”
Omnipollo has never disappointed me. Their so-called “liquid desserts” imperial stouts are just awesome. “Yellow Belly” is the liquid form of peanut butter but without any nuts or peanut butter added. The original one is too sweet but the bourbon barrel-aged “Sundae” version is just perfect with more layers of complexity. It always comes up in my mind whenever a celebration drink is needed.
4.      Garage Project “Death From Above”
I have said that “Death From Above” can be my everyday beer during summer. It is a solid IPA with special ingredients (mint, lime juice, mango chili) added. You can easily taste its transition from minty, mango and citrusy flavour to spicy and grapefruit bitter aftertaste
5.      Brasserie Cantillon Beer Tasting 
When my wife and I visited Brasserie Cantillon in June, we planned to try two to three bottles maximum. Luckily, we met some true beer geeks from Norway and US and every one of us were willing to share and talk with each other. This was one of the most wonderful tasting I have ever had and embodied there are no boundaries for beer geeks!
6.      Young Master Ales “Mio”
A whisky barrel-aged Quad that was well-made by our local brewery. I tried the non-barrel aged and barrel-aged versions at the same time and was surprised by the huge enhancement of flavour with barrel-aging. I am looking forward to their upcoming beers brewed with Brettanomyces. 
7.      Moonzen Brewery “"Moonzen Lunar Barleywine"”
Another great brew which Hong Kong people should be proud of. It is a full-bodied English-style barleywine which has lots of flavour like dark fruits, molasses, Chinese ingredients, such as dried dates and longan. Chinese New Year is coming soon. Let’s see how it will taste like after a year.
8.      Superstition Meadery’s Meads
The first time I tried “craft” meads was at Mikkeller Bangkok, Superstition mead tap takeover. The mead platter just blew up my mind. I have never thought of the mead infused with vanilla beans, berries or bourbon barrel-aged. I am happy to see that mead is going to hit Asia soon.
9.      Hill Farmstead Brewery “Table Dorothy”
Undoubtedly, it is the best table beer I have ever tried so far. A session saison comes up with mild sour, lots of citrusy, brett, grassy and balanced maltiness. Most importantly, it was bought by my non-beer geek friend from Vermont. He drove 2 hours to the brewery, lined up for an hour and gave me a surprise when he came to Hong Kong!
毫无疑问的,这是LIAM喝过最好的低度啤酒(TABLE BEER)-是美国朋友(不是啤迷)驾车两小时去酿坊,再排队一小时才买到,在香港赠与的意外惊喜。
10.      Mikkeller “Nelson Sauvignon”
One of the best beers from Mikkeller and it is called “Bière de Champagne” by Beeradvocate. With the help of my friends, I was lucky to try the original (2015), 2011, chardonnay barrel-aged and dry hopped versions. The original one is still my favourite and filled with grape, white wine, brett, tropical fruit, woody and some characters from Belgium yeast. It is just so complex and yummy. 

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