Saturday, December 17, 2016

2016 Most Memorable Beer list--a list from I-JIE (Taiwan/Shanghai)

This time--a list from a Taiwanese BJCP enthusiast based in Shanghai, though very active in promoting craft beer culture in and around China/Taiwan, especially via the platform of BJCP exams/classes, I-JIE's work involved sampling various home brew/small brew/commercial brew--and at times god knows what brew in different places in China--and from the photo he picked you would say this is a fun loving guy(albeit all those brew he gone through... :)
here's the list in his own words(written in Mandarin- and 1st para in English)
这期年度最有印象啤酒清单来自I-JIE, 在魔都上海“上班时间喝酒是常态”的台湾啤迷,致力推行BJCP啤酒认证课程,I-JIE在中国的“工作”之一是喝很多国内“精酿”或所谓“精酿”或不知所谓的“神仙酿”。。。(上面那张是他自选照--说是在新加坡自酿赛拍的)
这支会成为我认为今年最值得纪念的酒,首要原因是特别喜爱春节酿高酒精浓度啤酒,等待来年春节再喝的做法。我在2016农历新年前也曾酿过一款Wee Heavy,想作为来年新春的节庆酒,只可惜没能保存到一年就被喝光了,哈哈哈哈哈。

The most important reason that I pick this beer, is I spectacular like the idea of “Brewing high alcohol beer during Chinese New Year, and aged for a year then release in the next Chinese New Year.” I brewed a Wee Heavy before 2016 Chinese New Year, but failed to keep any bottle to next year, lol.
Moonzen aged their 2016 Barleywine in brewery for one year. Aging help reduce the harshness from 12% alcohol, but keeps the strong flavor and intensity in it. I love the full malty flavor, incredibly dark fruit character and some oxidation hint. Elegant and breautiful.

I’m excited to taste this World class beer brewed in Asian brewery. But only 100 bottles release, and not planning to brew it again, so I choose it be my “Most memorable Beer in 2016” 
Taiwanese brand- Taiwan Head Brewers--I-JIE like how the brand carry itself--and of course the 3 guys there are his senior/teachers( in beer terms)--this beer uses Taiwan Melon to replace the Belgium candy--aptly showing the local influence.
Haandbryggeriet JAEKEL
just when I-JIE thought he can't find the same beer again, he found 2 at a beer market--and finished emmm that evening itself.
在日本好友 Masayoshi Kaji 的店裡喝到,很有個性、清爽的一款日本Cider,酒標也很美。
I-JIE had this in a friend's shop--a pleasant Japanese cider-with beautiful label
Found in a Japanese super market--of all there is--this is would do.
棕色皮膚的天使,搭配上我特別愛的Brown AleClown Shoes Brown Angel的酒標真是太美了.
I-JIE loves brown ale--and beautiful label :)
這支酒不單是好喝,也具有許多意義。首先,這是一位遠在加州的台灣BJCP Judge,送給台灣最強釀酒師(之一)的酒。再者,我剛好在喝酒的前兩週剛翻譯 Oskar Blues酒廠的故事,這也是我喝到的第一杯Osaka Blues,太棒了
This is the first Oskar Blue I-JIE ever had--and it's quite meaningful in that this is a gift from a BJCP Judge living in Cali--given to one of the best Taiwanese brewers---and 2 weeks before drinking this--I-JIE just did some translating work about Oskar Blue brewery....

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