Thursday, December 15, 2016

2016 Most Memorable Beer List--a list from NICK(Singapore)

The 3rd list from a series of list from beer friends in and around Asia continues with a list from down south, Nick is certainly a familiar figure in the Singapore craft beer community--he brew, he writes(one half of the blog BeerCanLah) and of course he drink,
Here's his list--in Nick's own words:-
Pliney the Elder (Russian River)
The first time I managed to have this beer was in San Francisco on a work trip. I visit Tornado Bar and had it on tap. I felt it lacked the hop punchiness I was expecting. It was not until It tried the bottle I brought back from bar in SG that I fully understood the brilliance of this beer. The perfect balance between hops and malt. The punchy freshness missing from the draft version was present in the bottle.
 Lambeck by Beercanlah
This was an unblended lambic I brewered for my wedding this year. I was particularly pleased with it as it full soured, had a good amount of complexity and was not over acetic. It also went down well with the wedding guests.
Rodenbach Vintage 2012
I first experienced this beer in 2015 in Delirium Bar Brussels, but it was so memorable I had to buy it again, when I saw it for sale at HK Brewcraft. Probably my most memorable of 2016 but I am a big sour beer fan. The best example of a Flanders red I have ever had.
Pernicious Weed (Garage project)
For a 8% it’s hard to pick up the alcohol through all the hops. The hops character is mainly from dry hopping an late additions so its not overly bitter. Reminds me of an NZ version of Pliny the Elder, where the hop flavour is more fruit than dank, coming purely from NZ hops.
Rye on Wood (Young Master Ales)
My trip to Hong Kong was one of many great beers but a couple of beers stood out for me and they were from the best brewery in Hong Kong, Young Master Ale. The Hong Kong brewery scene has exploded recently with many new progressive brewers all making great craft beer. I only wish the same could be said for Singapore, we seem to have fallen behind. The thing I like about this beer is the spicy rye malt body backed up by Oak.
在香港让NICK感受到当地热络的CRAFT BEER 文化氛围,这杯酒的好玩处是稍带辣味的麦芽加木桶的融和影响。
Mio (Young Master Ales)
A limited edition beer from Young Master Ales and a great example of a Belgian Quad. Strong malt character followed by some candy sweetness and then wood comes through. A thoroughly enjoyable ale. 

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